Arabic Terms Definition

Arabic Terms Definition

  • Halal: Permissible or allowed in Arabic.
  • Halal Inspector, Supervisor, Auditor: Different positions in a Halal certifying organization or can be used interchangeably for a person who inspects, supervisors or audits a plant.
  • Halal Food: Food that is allowed for consumption under Islamic law.
  • Haram: Things that are forbidden, swine, carrion, flowing blood, and intoxicating alcohol.
  • Makrooh: detested, disliked or discouraged.
  • Mashbooh: doubt, suspect or questionable.
  • Mathhab: School of thought in Islam.
  • Najs: Filth that includes things such as blood, pigs, carrion, derivatives, objects and fluids discharged by animals and human beings such as blood, vomit, excrements, urine and pus.
  • Takbir and Tasmiya: Bismillah Allahu Akbar which is the name of greatest God.

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